The Albatross

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Articles by Steve Gerow:   Insights about birding from a master birder.

Some Classic Articles from The Albatross:

A Tale of Ten Snags by David Suddjian (from The Albatross, Sept/Oct 2001).

Disappearing Birds by David Suddjian (from The Albatross, Sept-Oct, 2000).

Swiftless by David Suddjian (from The Albatross, Sept./Oct. 2002).

What is a Real Bird Watcher?  Barb Sharfenstein (from The Albatross,  January – February 1992)

Pelagic Pushups, Brenda & Bruce Barrett  (from The Albatross,  September – October 1992)

A Rocky Start to Springtime Courtship, Bob Merrill (from The Albatross, May-June 1996)

Confessions of a Congenital Sexist, Edward E. Frost (from The Albatross, Mar-Apr 1994)

Recollections of an SCBC Mole, R. Morgan (from The Albatross, Jan-Feb 1996)

A Case of Mistaken Identity?  Jeff Davis (from The Albatross, Mar-Apr 1998)

Poison Oak:  A Birder's Friend or Foe?  Jeff Davis (from The Albatross, Sept-Oct, 1998)


American Bittern

Photo by Barry McLaughlin